Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We made it!

We have now officially been in Krakow for one week. We arrived last Saturday, completely exhausted but also very excited to be here. This week has not been without some trials, but overall it's been an enjoyable week getting to know the city and making friends. I can't post pictures yet unfortunately because our camera cord hasn't arrived yet (along with our beds, clothes, kids' toys, etc.) but as soon as I get that silly cord I will post pictures from our travels here.
Until' s a top ten list to give you an idea of how our week has gone.

Our Top Ten List of things we have learned after one week in Poland....

10. You do NOT want to Jaywalk in Krakow. (Luke has a story to tell about this one.)

9. When grocery shopping in Poland you will NOT get help bagging your groceries. Nor will they wait for you to bag your groceries before they start ringing up the next customer. And it just adds to the fun when your cashier only speaks Polish.

8. Poland has a lot of slugs. Isaac and Caleb think this is very cool.

7. Skype/e-mail/Facebook are wonderful blessings when you are missing family and friends.

6. Stacie has to learn how to cook with an Easy-Bake Oven. (At least that's what the size of her oven reminds her of.)

5. We have no dryer. We have clotheslines. Not sure if we are going to tough this out, or break down and buy a dryer. Our towels feel like sandpaper after line-drying, so we will probably buy a dryer.

4. We really need to work on our Polish. Caleb wanted to tell our next door neighbor "Hola."

3. Trying to buy a used car in a foreign country can be quite adventurous. On Tuesday, Luke went to look at a van that he found online. The van looked great online, but when he arrived at the car "dealership" he met a very shady-looking character selling used cars out of his backyard. (Luke's keen business instincts told him not to buy a van from this guy.)

2. Krakow is a wonderful city for families. There is so much to do here we're not sure we can fit it all in into two years!

1. God is still faithful no matter where you are living, what language they speak there, and how far away you are from home.

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Rebekah said...

Wow! What an adventure! I can't wait to hear more about everything.