Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The First Couple Weeks

Once we arrived in Krakow, there was a lot that had to happen before we really felt settled. We didn't have a car, so we had to call taxis anytime we wanted to go anywhere. I didn't have my kitchen supplies yet, so my cooking was fairly limited. The kids had no toys, so they resorted to doing things like this for fun....

Our evening outings were a little limited due to the car issue, but we managed to get out a few times and explore. The following pics were taken outside our house as we were getting ready for an outing to the mall....

The kids played a lot outside in our yard. Above is a picture of Andrew and Caleb on our patio. Below is Caleb posing by our grapevine trellis. The kids thought it was great fun picking grapes.

Naomi really likes our yard too but I have to watch her very carefully since the steps and patio are all marble. It makes me a little nervous about her falling down.

We went on lots of walks that first week to explore around our house. Here's some street signs leading to our home....

On one of our walks we walked up to the entrance of the Mounds. The boys were so excited to climb these so Luke took them that weekend. I'll include pics of that in another post. Here they are posing outside the mounds.

More pictures later this week!

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