Wednesday, May 2, 2012

We have some special visitors!

We had some very special people arrive at our home today....Grammy and Papa!  The kids were so excited for them to get here.  I caught Naomi watching for them out the window....

The kids waited for them to arrive out on the patio.  This was their "thumbs up" for grandparents who come visit!

I asked Naomi to give me her own "thumbs up" and this is what she did.  If any photo deserves a caption contest, it's this one.

They're here!!!!

Of course, Grammy and Papa came bearing gifts for the grandkids.  Grammy made Naomi and Andrew each their own "quiet books."  So cute!  They had fun playing with them and coloring in their books.

Caleb requested Rice Krispies cereal so Grammy brought him several baggies full.  (Ziploc bags are easier to pack than cereal boxes.)

Isaac got Ramen Noodles and Nerds jelly beans

Naomi also got a pink raincoat which she insisted on wearing even though it was 80 degrees outside.

Grandparents are so much fun!

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