Thursday, February 9, 2012

Weekend in Zakopane

As I posted previously, last weekend was Caleb's birthday. Back in the States, we would have had a big birthday party with all the grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. and the boys would have had a sleepover party with their best buddies. Since we are spending their birthdays this year away from all their friends and family, we wanted to make sure and do something extra fun on their birthday. We decided for Caleb's birthday to drive down to Zakopane and spend a weekend skiing and enjoying the views of the Tatra Mountains.

We had a great time, but our plans were slightly changed due to the weather. It was FREEZING cold that we could only tolerate being outside for a few minutes. Luke, Isaac, and Caleb attempted skiing on Friday, but only lasted about an hour and a half. We went out for dinner Friday night, and it was painful walking the few minutes outside to get to the restaurant. We decided on Saturday that since no one wanted to ski another day and it was really too cold to do any sightseeing or activities outside that we would just head home Saturday afternoon. We still celebrated Caleb's birthday Saturday with lunch, dessert and presents. Here's some pictures from our fun, but bone-chilling, weekend:

Our apartment was so cold Saturday morning that Andrew ate his breakfast with his hat on and Luke's coat wrapped around his waist. (The temperature inside the apartment was my fault...I unknowingly left the patio door partially open Friday night. Oops.)

One of Caleb's biggest surprises was that several of his friends from back home had sent cards and gifts. He wasn't expecting that, but it put a huge smile on his face.
His Lego City set that he had been hoping for....
We let him choose where we would eat for his birthday lunch. Of all the choices in Zakopane, he chose KFC. And he wanted Jello for dessert instead of birthday cake.

Enjoying his birthday fried chicken
We enjoyed the scenery of the Tatras..... from inside our warm car.

We stayed in an apartment rather than a hotel. (We are discovering that is the best way for a family of six to travel through Europe. Hotels aren't very welcoming to families with four kids, and require us to book two rooms. Most Europeans cities have nice apartments you can rent for a very reasonable price.) Isaac wanted a picture by the spiral staircase:

The view from our patio

Getting ready to hit the slopes!
They were so hungry...when will the pizza get here?
Caleb was being shy. Or maybe he was just trying to thaw out his face from our cold walk to the restaurant.
Naomi is such a cheese...she loves getting her picture taken.
We waited quite a while for our pizza...what better time to have a family photo shoot?

It was a fun weekend, but we were thankful to be back in our warm home Saturday night. Isaac is requesting a trip to the beach for his birthday....I think he just wants to go somewhere warm!


Randy said...

Thank you for your love for Jesus and these children. Because of you they have a hope for a future and because of Christ they have a hope for eternity!!!

oneworld said...

Cool pics......