Sunday, September 14, 2008

Seeds and Sticks

Here are some pics from our field trip last week. Isaac went with two of the moms in our group to a nature center that has planned activities and tours for school-aged kids. The activity his group participated in was about seeds. Here he is making his seedballs:

He had a great time and brought home several wildflower seedballs that we planted behind our house. He also got to participate on a nature hike where they identified several types of trees and plants. While he was gone on his trip, I took Caleb and his friend Luke on our own little "field trip." We went to the lake in our subdivision and had a picnic. Then I gave them each a paper sack for them to collect sticks and leaves. Their collection didn't last long though because all the sticks they collected they wanted to throw in the lake. I think that was definitely their favorite part! Here's some pics from our time there:

It was a fun day for all. We were very thankful we got our field trips in before the deluge of rain started. We have had so much rain over the last three days!

Today's my day to plan lessons for the week so I better get busy...

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