Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bryan Elliff's Blog

We added a new link to our favorite blogs that I wanted to point out. It is Bryan Elliff's blog, Nothing but the Cross.

Bryan is the son of one of our elders Jim Elliff. Bryan is a freshman in college but is hardly your typical college freshman. Bryan wants more than anything for his life to count for Christ. Last year he wrote the following bulletin insert pleading with young adults to be fools for Christ...

Be sure to not to miss a few of his recent posts. The first is "Anabaptists and New Covenant Theology." In this post he refers to the book "The reformers and their stepchildren" and lists it as one of his favorite books of all time. I finished this book in March and would have to agree. His posts on "The reformation of morals in our society" and "Church" are outstanding as well.

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