Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Two (maybe three) potential situations

Monday we got three separate e-mails about three different potential situations with birthmothers: one from New Jersey, one from Mississippi, and one from Missouri. We decided to submit our profiles to the ones in New Jersey and Mississippi. We are still praying about whether or not we should submit our profile to the one in Missouri. The Missouri baby is a Caucasian male that has some possible special needs issues. We're not hesitant because of the special needs issues, but because we had really hoped to adopt transracially. We're not sure if it's right to say "no" to this situation because of that, so we are still praying about it. They don't have to have an answer for a few more days.

We're not always notified when they submit our profile, only when their are special circumstances do they ask us first. Our profile could be shown without us knowing and we could just get a call one day that we have been matched. I really like knowing when it is being shown though because it gives us specific situations to pray for. I think and pray a lot about these birthmothers and what they are going through physically and emotionally.

Please pray for these birthmothers and we'll keep you posted!

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