Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pray for the Rainey's

Many of you have probably heard of Dennis Rainey from the ministry Family Life Today. If you have read the story of our journey to adoption, then you remember his adoption video was instrumental in our decision to adopt. We need to be praying for Dennis Rainey's family as they just experienced the loss of their newborn granddaughter. My friend Patty sent me the link to a blog that tells the powerful story of what they have gone through this month. Click here to read the story of little Molly Ann. Have a box of Kleenex nearby--you'll need it.

Their story reminds me of what I observed two months ago when my brother passed away. God gives believers grace when we need it. We don't need to fear trials because He will give us the grace we need when the trials come. It is so hard not to worry about my kids, but I take comfort in knowing that God will give Luke and I the grace to handle whatever comes our way.

On the adoption front, we have heard of a couple possible birthmothers that we might have our profile shown to. Once we find out more, we will post that information and keep everyone updated. Please pray for God to give us wisdom and patience. This adoption is taking longer than we expected and at times it is getting hard to wait. Please pray that we will continue to trust God as we wait for our little one!

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