Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Adoption Update and other stuff

Luke spoke with Aimee, our caseworker, on Friday regarding any potential birthmothers they are working with. There are a few mothers they are working with currently, but she didn't think any of them were going to choose adoption. As we have learned though, many times they just get phone calls from the hospital so we still anticipate getting "the call" at any time. We really hope we will get a call soon. It is hard to be patient sometimes, but it is comforting knowing all this is in God's hands.

We have lost the cord to our digital camera so I haven't been able to post any pictures lately. Hopefully we'll find it soon or else we will just have to purchase a new one. Of course, as soon as we purchase a new one we will find the one we lost. We lost our TV remote several months ago, and we finally gave up and just bought a new one. Guess what Isaac found Sunday night? Our old remote!

I have found two great resources for wives/moms that I have to share. The first is a book titled Get More Done is Less Time by Donna Otto. I have always considered myself to be organized, but this book has shown me many things I could be doing more efficiently. Donna Otto is a Christian and has a lot of wisdom to offer wives and moms. Highly recommend it! I bought it on ebay for $1. ($4.99 with shipping.) It was definitely worth the money.

The other awesome resource I have found is a website called Money Saving Mom. This blog is devoted to helping you find ways to cut costs on groceries and other household items. She does an amazing amount of work helping you find the best deals and gives you links to coupons that match up with the deals. She feeds her family of four for $40 a week and teaches you how to do the same, as well as doing most of the research for you about the sales, coupons, etc. for the week. Make sure you read her "CVS primer." I have never shopped CVS before, but she has made a believer out of me. CVS has amazing deals, if you know how to use their Extra Care Bucks. If you're interested in reducing your grocery bill, check out her site!

Now that Luke's traveling has stopped (he only had 7 out of 31 days in May when he wasn't travelling!) we are really enjoying some down time as a a family. We took the boys to St. Louis for a few days last week to see the St. Louis Zoo and Six Flags. (I will post some pictures when we find that silly camera cord...) Luke and I are hoping to have a little getaway next week (just the two of us) for some much-needed R&R. We figured we better get our trips in before we bring home a baby!

Please keep praying for our adoption. We'll continue to keep you posted!

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