Friday, May 23, 2008

Being a Merciful Mom

I promised in my last post that Luke would soon write about his India trip and post pictures. I know he will get around to that eventually, but he has not had time to do it yet. He spent the first few days at home in a zombie-like state as he recovered from almost 30 hours of travelling and the 10 1/2 hour time difference. He was feeling better by last night, but leaves today for the Men's Retreat with our church. He will only be gone two nights, and maybe when he gets back he will finally have time to share a little about his trip. Until then, I thought I'd share something from another blog that has really convicted me and given me a lot to think about in regards to parenting.

I love reading blogs. I have found so many awesome Christian women out there who have an abundance of wisdom on topics such as mothering, homemaking, organization, marriage, etc. I have come across several that I have bookmarked and read faithfully. One of my favorite blogs is titled, "Ordinary Mother." I don't remember how I came across this blog, but it is one I check frequently. She posted something recently that I have been meditating on...

What she wrote really hit home with something I have been struggling with lately. With Luke being gone so much this month, I have been bearing the full load of discipline around our house. I can't say that I have fulfilled this task perfectly, or even close to perfectly. In fact, some days I was the picture of everything you shouldn't do. I have really struggled this month with keeping my patience and not getting angry when they act like....children. I have had to ask the boys' forgiveness many times for losing my temper and yelling, and have had to ask God's forgiveness many times for the way I acted. I want so badly to be a godly, Christian mom that exudes patience and peace, and have been so frustrated lately when I find myself doing exactly the opposite. It is something I have been praying about, and was so touched when I read this blog about showing our children mercy.

The quote from this blog "...mercy looks especially upon the miserable consequences of sin" is something I am going to try and remember as I go throughout my day with my boys. I have been guilty lately of focusing too much on myself and my needs instead of their spiritual needs. I need to have the focus of my discipline be showing them their sin and the cross of Christ, not just managing behavior. The biggest reason why I get angry with their behavior is because it is an inconvenience to me. When I am trying to cook dinner, it is very inconvenient to have to stop what I am doing and teach someone again about sharing. When I am on the phone, it is an inconvenience to me if they are fighting and I can't hear the person I am trying to have a conversation with. I have to remember that my boys are sinners... just like every other child around them. They are not Christians, and they need to be taught about God's grace for sinners and how God shows us mercy. I need to have an unselfish heart as I go throughout my day, focusing more on their spiritual condition than my to-do list. This is such a challenge, and one that I need to be in prayer about constantly.

If anyone has any words of wisdom to add to this, I am always open to hearing advice on Biblical parenting. Feel free to add any to the comments section...

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