Friday, April 25, 2008

Our latest pics

I realized the other day that I had not been taking enough pictures, so I've been trying to get the camera out more lately. Here's some of our latest pics:

Caleb wanted to make a movie (which meant he wanted me to get out the camcorder) so he got all dressed up for his theatrical appearance.

They looked so sweet snuggled up together I had to take a picture. I also thought it was funny how Isaac's toy crocodile was eating his pillow.

Safety First! Because of his tendency to go at break-neck speeds down our hill, I have made a new rule that Caleb must wear a bike helmet. Isaac usually wears one now too, but Caleb is the one that really scares me!

Isaac got a bubble machine for his birthday and it has been a big hit with the boys and all their friends. Isaac is also in this phase of making goofy faces for the camera, which makes for some very interesting pictures!

So do they look like they're ready to be big brothers?

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