Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Common Question

A couple weeks ago I wrote about a scary incident with Isaac. We were very thankful to God that He preserved Isaac's life and that our situation ended happily. But as we all know, life doesn't always turn out that way and sometimes tragedy strikes. Tragic situations always bring about the question, "If God is so good, why do bad things happen?"

As a Christian, I have faith that God is in control of everything. I believe that everything happens according to His plan, for His glory, and for the believers' good. (Romans 8:28) One of the best interviews I have ever listened to on this topic was an NPR (National Public Radio) interview with John Piper (one of our favorite pastors). It was after the 2004 Tsunami when, once again, the common question arose: "How could a loving God allow something like this to happen?" I have listened to this interview over and over again, and am always encouraged by Piper's wonderful mixture of grace and truth. Here's the link to the website if you would like to check it out:


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Mike said...

Love that interview! Piper also has a great article called "Is God Less Glorious Because He Ordained That Evil Be?" http://www.desiringgod.org/ResourceLibrary/ConferenceMessages/ByDate/1476_Is_God_Less_Glorious_Because_He_Ordained_that_Evil_Be/
He seeks the answer in the Scriptures, and lays out some of the evidence for God's control of all things, including evil. Then he deals with two problems.
1. Is God then the author of sin?
2. And why does He will that there be evil in the world?
Good stuff. Love to keep up with the Woodwards in this blog, since Luke's too important for me at work these days! ;)