Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Krakow Zoo

Last weekend we decided to check out the Krakow Zoo. We'd heard good things about it, and it was a beautiful fall day that seemed just right for a zoo outing. The zoo here is in the middle of Wolski Forest which is BEAUTIFUL. Hiking through the forest to get to the zoo was definitely my favorite part. We learned after we left the zoo that we didn't have to hike through the forest to get to the zoo. There is a bus stop down by the parking lot where you can catch a ride to the entrance. Luke and I were glad we hiked it though, because it was a beautiful trail and really good exercise. I would guess we hiked at least a mile, maybe two, and it was almost all uphill. Isaac and Caleb were not as excited about the hike and decided partway through they needed to take a rest.

Once we got to the top, there were a few outdoor restaurants and places to walk around.

Here are the boys waiting to get inside the zoo. They were skeptical that this zoo was going to be worth the hike they endured to get up there.
We had heard that European zoos were very different than zoos in America. American zoos build these huge, lush habitats for the animals. This is great for the animals, but sometimes makes it hard for the visitors to get close-up looks. In Europe (at least in Poland) this is different. The animals are in much smaller habitats (some are actually just in large cages) and you get very close to them. I could practically reach out and touch these pink flamingoes...
And if you look in the water, you'll see the backs of three hippos. All that was separating us from these hippos was a deep ditch and a single wired electrical fence.
This guy did not seem happy to be there.
One of our favorite animals was this condor. He was HUGE!
And then when he showed up his wingspan we were really impressed.
The camels were pretty neat to see.
Andrew checking out some animals.
Naomi enjoyed riding around in her stroller.

A fun time was had by all!

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Grammy said...

The zoo looks great! FYI they did pass a bond issue last week to finance a better Swope Park zoo finally.
So glad there is so much for you all to see and do,
Love Grammy