Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our Big Day

Today was a very special day for our family. We finalized Naomi's adoption and she legally became our daughter. Of course we have considered her as "ours" since the day we picked her up from the hospital, but now she is legally a member of our family. We were so excited to finalize her adoption, and are so thankful to the Lord for this precious little girl He has allowed us to parent.

This picture was taken today in the courtroom after the hearing. This is the same judge who presided over Andrew's adoption hearing, and she always takes pictures with the adoptive families once everything is done. It was fun being back in the same courthouse where we adopted Andrew--so many very special memories for our family have happened in this building.

As we look back over the last several years and how God has grown our family, we are amazed at His goodness to us. His plans were different from ours and He has surprised us many times, but His will is perfect and we love the family He has formed for us. What a blessing children are!


Patty Burchett said...

Katie says that she is happy for you guys. We all are! We rejoice with you in God's goodness to your family. We are so thankful for the Woodward family! Love, The Burchetts

Susanna said...

Hi Stacie, Thanks for following our journey. It's been wonderful to meet new friends in the adoption world, especially those who share God's heart for adoption! If you have any advice for me (especially re. the waiting period and all the unknowns), I'm all ears! susanna dot dundore at gmail dot com.