Monday, September 21, 2009

Piano Shopping

We haven't posted many pictures lately because we bought a new camera and have been trying to figure out how to use it. (I am taking a photography class this fall to help me really learn how to use the new camera.) Hopefully I will soon be taking amazing pictures and posting them regularly on our blog!

One of the things we like about our new camera is that it also takes video. Since we were very bad about taking videos of our boys with our old camcorder, this is perfect for us. We take our camera with us often, so now we can capture moments on video that we normally wouldn't have gotten. For example, a couple weeks ago we were at the music store shopping for a piano. This was not an occasion I would normally have dragged our camcorder to, but I did happen to have the new camera in my diaper bag! I was able to capture the boys having a jam session on one of the keyboards:

Can you tell who the show-off is in our family?


Anonymous said...

Awesome! We should consider implementing that into Sunday evenings. I can just see Rod M. raising the roof. :)


Mike said...

thanks for sharing! I had the misfortune of seeing this early in the morning while my wife slept in the same room-so no sound! I'm no Dr, but it can't be healthy to try to suppress laughter like I did!