Monday, October 13, 2008

Life with Boys

Life with small children in the home is always interesting, especially when both your children are boys. Even more so when they are rowdy boys that love to wrestle and break things. Those are the kind of boys that we have in our home. Yeah, there's never a dull moment around our place.

Both our boys can be rough and rowdy, but for some reason Isaac tends to get hurt the most. Some of his injuries have been self-inflicted, and some are coming from his younger brother. Isaac's not a clumsy child, and I don't think Caleb is any rougher with Isaac than Isaac is with Caleb, but Isaac tends to be the one that gets hurt. I told him that God must be toughening him up so he can be a really brave man someday. He seemed to like that idea.

This weekend was a real test of Isaac's toughness. It seemed like all weekend he was recovering from one injury to the next. It started Saturday afternoon and involved Isaac, Caleb and a toy drill. I'm not sure exactly what happened because I was upstairs, but all of a sudden I heard Isaac crying loudly and I knew he was hurt. I went downstairs to find him with a "goose egg" sized knot on his head and Caleb quickly trying to explain what happened. Caleb said he had "accidentally" hit Isaac in the head with the drill. Judging from the guilty look on Caleb's face and isaac's very different story, I decided Caleb was guilty and he got punished. Hopefully he'll remember his punishment the next time he is tempted to take Isaac out with a Black & Decker.

Isaac recovered from the drill incident quite well, only to injure himself later that evening. He and Caleb were wrestling with their daddy (does that tell you where they get this rowdy behavior?) on our bed when Isaac somehow kneed himself square in the eye. Really hard. We thought he was going to have a black eye because it immediately got pretty red and swollen. I put ice on it while my hubby convinced him that black eyes are cool and all his friends will be impressed if he has a black eye. (Once again, do you understand where they get their rowdy personalities?) We put the boys to bed wondering exactly what Isaac was going to look like in the morning when he woke up.

Amazingly, he woke up the next morning looking refreshed and ready to face the new day. The day was pretty uneventful until we let the boys play outside after lunchtime. Luke and I were still inside when I suddenly heard Isaac crying outside. Actually, this time he was screaming. I ran outside and found him holding his head that now has blood running down the side of it. One of the neighbor kids ran over and told me "Caleb ran over Isaac's head with his bike!" I knew this couldn't be exactly what happened, but I took her word for it that Caleb was somehow involved. Since I don't handle the sight of blood well, I took him inside so Luke could clean and examine the wound while I went to hunt down the mad biker.

After about thirty minutes or so, we had discerned that Isaac did not need stitches and that Caleb had not intentionally ran into Isaac on his bike. Luke did have to shave part of Isaac's hair in order to bandage and clean the wound, so he has kind of a punk-rock, half-Mohawk look going on right now. I'm thankful he didn't end up with that black eye from the previous day or else I would be scared to take him out in public. Here's what our poor son looked like when the weekend was over:

Since I am trying to train myself to look for God's blessings in every situation, here are the blessings I can derive from this weekend:

1) We weren't planning on getting a family picture made anytime soon.

2) God has given Isaac an exceptionally hard head which helps him to withstand all his injuries. Accidentally knocking heads with Isaac can bring a grown man to tears.

3) None of these injuries were life-threatening, and God has protected our boys from any serious injuries thus far. For that, we are very thankful.

Just so you don't think our boys are complete hooligans, here's a picture of them being nice and calm.

They really are sweet boys, and we love them dearly. I know they love each other too, even though their battle scars might suggest something different at times.

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