Sunday, February 24, 2008

Prayer request

On Friday we were alerted to a situation involving a birthmother that we would like to ask everyone to pray about. Our agency got a call from a hospital where a birthmother had given birth to a healthy baby boy that she wants to put up for adoption. Our agency wanted to know if we would be willing to put in our profile for the mother to choose from. We said we did, so the birthmother will be looking at it this week.

She only has one other possible family to pick from, so there's about a 50% possibility we may be adopting this little guy. We know this little baby boy's life is in God's hands and we know God already has the family picked out to raise him. Would you pray for God's protection over him while he waits for his family, and that God will give the birthmother wisdom, strength, and discernment as she makes this decision?

We'll keep you posted on what happens!

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